Graphic Recording for all!


+++ New: Four amazing explanations movies on agile project management by my team and me: agile 42 - Agile Reading Glasses +++

+++ New: I also now offer explanation movies. Please contact me for a tentative offer! +++

+++ New business adress: Benjamin Felis - Ganghoferstr. 2 - 12043 Berlin +++

+++ New: also digital Graphic Recording on the ipad possible +++


Pictures out of words: Expressions like Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation, Visualization, VizThinking, Visual Recording or Visual Facilitation refer to different approches of transferring words and thoughts into worlds of pictures.

Graphic Recording | Visual Documentation:

On Seminars, Workshops and Conferences the disussesd topics will be drawn and documented on a huge poster. From speeches of participants and discussions a wallpaper full of quotes and symbols will evolve. More on graphic recording...


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