Graphic Recording for all!


+++ I also now offer explanation movies. Please contact me for a tentative offer! +++

+++ New: seminardates on visualization for the second half year 2016 +++

+++ New business adress: Benjamin Felis - Ganghoferstr. 2 - 12043 Berlin +++

+++ New: also digital Graphic Recording on the ipad possible +++


Pictures out of words: Expressions like Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation, Visualization, VizThinking, Visual Recording or Visual Facilitation refer to different approches of transferring words and thoughts into worlds of pictures.

Graphic Recording | Visual Documentation:

On Seminars, Workshops and Conferences the disussesd topics will be drawn and documented on a huge poster. From speeches of participants and discussions a wallpaper full of quotes and symbols will evolve. More on graphic recording...

Graphic Facilitation | Visual Moderation:

Groupprocesses will be supported and moderated visually. Contents and processes will be visualized and through this common understanding among the participants will be generated. Also feasible for speeches and presentations More on graphic facilitation...

Workshops & Seminars | Visual Methods

Visualization can be learned – even without a degree in fine arts or design. You can learn to visualize creatively and develop your own style – wether on flipchars, moderation walls oder on a plain sheet of paper. More on Visualizationworkshops and -seminars...


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